Since we started out in the early 1970’s, we’ve always found innovative ways to make our clients happy. At the time, digital echo or reverb didn’t quite exist, so we created an echo chamber in the empty basement swimming pool of the Old English Tudor home that was once owned by baseball’s Ty Cobb, where the studio was originally housed.

At the time, we revolutionized the post business by truly catering to the client. Because of our talent and the quality of the afternoon cocktails we served, expansion soon became necessary and in 1976, we leased 3,800 feet of space in what is now our present main location.

Through the years, there have been an extraordinary number of advances in technology. One of the first was when we became part of the first data link of commercial recording facilities in the world. We called it the “Lucas Loop” (Yeah, that George Lucas, the Star Wars guy). Along the way we expanded to over 15,000 square feet of knobs and buttons that would make NASA jealous, but when you come to us, you’ll still find friendly people dedicated to serving your needs. And instead of afternoon cocktails, we built a whole damn bar!

Okay, so let’s recap: what began as a side job for a radio DJ (some Ron guy?) has evolved into what is now a premier commercial recording and editing facility worldwide. Our prime location and modern accommodations combined with our talented staff can only help to ensure that we keep doing what we do: creative collaborations. Welcome to the next generation of Ron Rose Milagro.